welcome to Sardar cartoon

Human being is the only creature which can laugh. No other creature except humans has succeeded in developing this important ability. To remove laughter from humans’ lips is very cruel since it leads to their death. That is precisely why people fight to bring laughter back even if this costs their lives.

A majority of humanity has drowned in tears as they keep going in the depth of the ocean of sorrow. The deep and real laughter is no longer there.  When people only have to work every day, when people are unemployed, when one does not have a place to live in, when one sells one’s body, when a child is beaten, when a bullet wins one’s chest, laughter will already pass away. This is the laughter which is devoured by sorrow and weep.
Many times man has to weep just to obtain laughter, a weep aiming at standing up against difficulties and rising up; not to surrender with the white flag in one’s hands, the flag of self pity.
The aim of my drawing works, which I hope I have succeeded in, has been an attempt to seek for the real laughter which would give you pleasure and give delight to the life, a search for a world where your lips are filled with laughter, a search for the republic of laughter and a declaration of war against the artificial and false laughter which consumes the power of life.
Sardar Abdullah